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Built Green

Built Green

What it means to build a "green" home

BuiltGreen™ is a nation-wide, third-party certification program promoting energy-efficiency and sustainability.

BuiltGreen™ homes are energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible homes. The BuiltGreen™ name adds value to your home by promoting practices and products that exemplify resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly, construction. Owning a green home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice luxury to be environmentally-conscious. All BuiltGreen™ certified homes come equipped with progressive technologies that create favorable living environments, significantly reducing your environmental footprint. BuiltGreen™ homes are affordable and appealing, making them a wonderful choice for everyone in the market for a new home!

All homebuilders must be trained in the BuiltGreen™ practices, procedures and policies prior to the construction of projects, and BuiltGreen™ regularly conducts audits of each builder involved in the program. All homes are measured and tested for air tightness, and assigned an EnerGuide rating.